Deir Mar Maroun

(141km de Beyrouth / 97km de Chtaura)

Mar Maroun Monastry (Saint Maroun) is a rock-cut structure in three levels. It is said to be the temporary refuge of the successors of Saint Maroun, founder of the Maronite Christian sect in the fourth century AD. Below these remains is the Assi river, the classical Orontes, with its blue-tinted water



Hermel Pyramid

(134km from Beirut - 90km from Chtaura)
A 2,000 Year Old Monument in the Middle of Nowhere, located ten kilometers before the town of Hermel, this twenty-seven meter-high monument on top of a hill can be seen for miles in every direction.
Three of its faces are carved with hunting scenes that suggest the pyramid-topped structure is a tomb, probably of a Syrian prince of the first or second century BC.


Pyramid Hermel
Pyramid Hermel


Ain Zerka

The "Blue Source" of the Assi River (the classical Orontes), is about 200 meters southwest of Deir Mar Maroun (monastery of. St. Maroun) in the Hermel region. The source, which gushes out from beneath the rocks, is an ideal picnic place. The caves nearby are also worth exploring. Look for the niche facing the springs and some walls of classical masonry on the hillside above.




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